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Saturday , April 21, 2018
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10/2013-ST, Dated: May 13, 2013

In  exercise  of the  powers conferred  by  sub-sections  (1)  and (2) of section 114 of the Finance Act, 2013 (17 of 2013), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules regarding the form and manner of declaration, form and manner of acknowledgement of declaration, manner of payment of tax dues and form and manner of issuing acknowledgement of discharge of tax dues under the Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme,2013,namely:-

1. Short title and commencement.-

(1) These rules may be called the Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of its publication in the Gazette of India.

2. Definitions.–

(1) In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) “Act” means the Finance Act, 2013;

(b)  “Form” means the Forms annexed to these rules.

(c) “Scheme”  means  the Service  Tax  Voluntary  Compliance  Encouragement Scheme, 2013 as specified in the Act;

(2) Words and expressions used but not defined in these rules but defined in the Scheme shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them in the Scheme.

3. Registration.– Any person, who wishes to make a declaration under the Scheme, shall, if not already registered, take registration under  rule 4 of the Service Tax Rules, 1994.

4. Form of declaration.– The declaration under sub-section (1) of section 107 of the Act, in respect of tax dues under the Scheme shall be made in Form VCES -1.

5.  Form of acknowledgment of declaration.– The designated authority on receipt of declaration shall issue an acknowledgement thereof, in Form VCES -2, within a period of seven working days from the date of receipt of the declaration.

6.  Payment of tax dues.–

(1) The  tax dues payable under the Scheme along with interest, if any, under section 107 of the Act shall be paid to the credit of the Central Government in the manner prescribed for the payment of service tax under the Service Tax Rules, 1994.

(2) The CENVAT credit shall not be utilised for payment of tax dues under the Scheme.

7. Form of acknowledgement of discharge.-

(1) The designated authority shall issue an acknowledgement of discharge under sub-section (7) of section 107 of the Act, in Form VCES - 3.

(2) The acknowledgement of discharge shall be issued within a period of seven working days from the date of furnishing of details of payment of tax dues in full along with interest, if any, by the declarant.

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[F.No. B1/19/ 2013-TRU]

(Raj Kumar Digvijay)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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